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        Shandong Huayun New Material Co.,Ltd.

        About Us

        SKYPE : huayun-eunice

        About Us

        Shandong Huayun New Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of cold rolled steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, pre-painted galvanized steel sheet and household appliance steel plate. It is characterized by extremely excellent processability. It has been widely used in construction, electrical appliances manufacturing, household decoration, container manufacturing and package industry.

        Huayun, established in 2003 in Boxing Economic Zone of Shandong Province, covers an area of about 180 thousand square meters. Our institutional framework is well developed, inside control system perfect, with branches of Pickling Workshop, Cold-Rolling Workshop, Galvanized Workshop, PPGI Workshop, Slitting Workshop and other production workshop, and more than ten functional departments. There are more than 463 staff, among whom are about 236 college graduator covering 51%, 23 engineers, and 106 professional technicians.

        Huayun creates wide room for employees’ promotion, with strict promotion systems, including management system and technology system. Our company also provides platform for our staff to present ourselves and to improve our qualifications by holding variety of activities with reward system encouraging staff to explore and innovate. We can realize our values in this company.

        Huayun adopts advanced technology and scientific management strategies to develop and bring in new products and new process. We are engaged in the production and sale of molecular material, rolling coating precise steel sheet coils, committing to create upscale product market. Our company was endowed with the honor of “hi-tech enterprises” by Shandong province government in 2004. Our company has its own qualification of export and import. It has been awarded as “informationized model enterprise” by Binzhou City government through standard management and scientific operation. We also passed the certification of ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System, ISO 9001 International Quantity Management System in 2007, and gb / t28001-2001 Standard Occupation Health Secure Management System. Our company's management level has been highly improved.

        Huayun adopts the advanced "Improved Sendzimir" continuous galvanizing process in the hot-dip galvanizing plate production line with an annual capacity of 150 thousand tons, achieving the goal of automatically continuous operation. The design of our color-coated steel plate production line with annual capacity of 150 thousand tons, and major equipments are provided by Korea GALVATEC Company. We adopt bi-painting and bi-drying coating technology and the manufacturing facility is one of the most advanced production equipment in Shandong Province at present. In 2010, Our company has invested RMB 460 million for new cold rolling production line, 2 sets of mil 1150, 1 set of mill 1450, 1 piece of pickling production line, enhancing the competitiveness of this industry.

        Huayun implements comprehensive budget management from 2008. We have achieved sales revenue of 1.27 billion and taxes of 31.85 million RMB. We realized this goal perfectly and made great economic and social benefits. Our company predicts to make 1.5 billion sales revenue and 50 million RMB taxes. Our company takes up the heavy responsibility of economy construction and society development, always insisting on the journey of sustainable development of technology, environment and quality, with an eye on the future.

        Our company plans to invest total 1.2 billion to make the quantity of new rolling mills reach 10 sets in the near 3 years, including 6 sets of mill 1150, 4 sets of mill 1450, 3 pickling production lines with 1.5 million outputs, 2 hot-dipped aluminizing production lines. Our overall productivity will reach 1.5 million metric tons per year, sales revenue 8 billion, taxes 600 million. It will elongate and strengthen the industrial chain further, increase the additional value of the products, keep sustainable steady development, and strive to be this industrial‘s leading pioneer in a certain area.

        Our company’s construction and development cannot keep going on without the great support of leaders at all levels and different social sectors. In order to contribute to the society, our company’s all staffs will work much harder and adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Pragmatic, Efficient, Harmonious, Innovation”. We will make our enterprise more strong and make more contribution to sectional economy and society development with positive attitude and perseverance.

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